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The Journey of Aang and Zuko


Welcome to the Group page for Team Avatar at Pitt Greensburg

The Avatar Project is a two semester project that involved our team creating a website based on the Nickelodeon hit TV series, “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” This series is about Avatar Aang joining forces with his friends to master the four elements and restore balance to their world. One of the main characters, Zuko, was first an enemy, but then redeemed himself throughout the show. Our goal for this project was to focus on his journey in relation to Aang's. By searching through the episode transcripts at http://avatar.fandom.com, we were able to mark up the important points of each episode that contributed to the progress of Aang and Zuko. With this, we were then able to create timelines for each Book displaying pivotal plot points and their respective paths in each Book. And thus, the Avatar Project was born!

A special thank you to Dr. William H. Campbell and team instructor for the first semester, Shannon Dunn, for assisting us with this project, it would not have been possible without both of you.

Transcripts from avatar.fandom.com

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